TUTO | Tutoring

  • TUTO Lernhilfe (Tutoring) is open on school days from 3 to 5 pm. During this time, the children are looked after in 8 learning groups by 7 learning assistants and one learning helper every day. The focus is on homework support and the review and consolidation of school material. Through targeted exercises, we try to support the students in those areas where they have deficits (German, mathematics, English, etc.). Children who need special support have the possibility of individual support by full-time and voluntary staff.
  • The goal is to help children succeed in school and build a good foundation for further academic and professional development.
  • Also important is practicing respectful interaction. The children are treated with respect by the learning assistants and given the best possible support. However, the children are also expected to show a willingness to perform and good manners that are appropriate for their age.


TUTO Lernhilfe (Tutoring) per semester for one child€ 158,00
TUTO Lernhilfe (Tutoring) per semester for two siblings€ 248,00
TUTO Lernhilfe (Tutoring) per semester for three siblings€ 328,00
TUTO Lernhilfe (Tutoring) per semester for four siblings€ 388,00



VILLA of the Foundation Marienheim in der Peter-Mayr-Straße 1b, 6020 Innsbruck 


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